The Leadership Journey


Format: Book

Author: Debo Onifade

book dimension : 5.5 inch *8.5 inch

Spine : o.5 inch

Weight: 0.11 oz or 3.15g

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Join the movement to liberate Nigeria

We have done enough complaint and analysis of our problems. It is now time for young people and new-breed politicians to elevate the discussion from mere rhetoric, sensationalism and fantasies to apt understanding of smart politics and solutions. This book presents facts and history to explain election winning strategies and policy priorities. Let’s not kid ourselves—most of our traditional politicians will remain corruptly oppressive, and rebellion or revolt will not succeed in Nigeria.So we only have two options—work hard to liberate ourselves from the oppressors by defeating them in elections or give up in despair. If we choose liberation, it will take us several years, but we can gradually start by unifying our efforts and learning the required political skills. This book will be enlightening to non-Nigerians, but I hope it will inspire Nigerians to urgent action.

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