I seek to ignite a new wave of patriotism across Nigeria and explain how within a few election cycles, liberation can sweep through the country—from the remotest villages to the coastal cities, from the elites and aristocrats to the downtrodden, from the deeply religious who continue to seek solace in their faith to the agnostics who never believed or no longer believe in God because of the evils of their religious leaders, and from the highly educated to the least educated.

Like many Nigerians, my strong passion for our dear country has been overwhelmed many times with despair. But the fact that I cannot stop weeping about the poverty, insecurity, poor health care, educational crisis, and corruption across our land always reminds me that I still love the country. If you have similar deep concerns about Nigeria, it means that you are indeed a stakeholder in the process of liberating Nigeria from our corrupt rulers.

Transforming Nigeria will take several years, but we can steadily begin the process by humbling ourselves to learn the rudiments of politics. This book is a manual for election-winning strategies and policy priorities within a four-year term. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I make my suggestions based on the history of successful political liberation in different parts of the world, my in-depth understanding of Nigerian issues and politics, and my vast experience of relating with Nigerian politicians and brilliant minds across the world.

This book also provides a lot of enlightenment to non-Nigerians who desire to understand the way politics is played in the largest black country on earth. It is a first-of-its-kind book, not just because it shares insightful stories that are not readily available over social media or the internet but also because it focuses a lot more on solutions and specific recommendations rather than the challenges. Every country has got its own political idiosyncrasies, so there is no reason to mock Nigerian politics. It just needs to be better understood by those who desire to refine it.

Finally, we need to understand that our options are currently limited to only democracy. Military coups are no longer fashionable or acceptable around the world, and I do not support them. Nigeria has also not done well in the past under the military—so there is certainly no wisdom in praying for a military take-over in Nigeria. As of this writing, some people have started clamoring for revolution, but let’s be frank with ourselves: an effective revolution will not happen in Nigeria. We are certainly not that resolute. The typical South West people will not give up their lives for a revolution, the majority of the youths in the North East and North West will not engage in revolution against their leaders, and the South East, South South, and North Central elites who have huge investments in Lagos and Abuja will not support a revolution. So the percentage of Nigerians who are ready for some serious revolution is certainly not adequate to seize power. I do not support any violent revolution, but I am also experienced enough to know a successful revolution cannot materialize in Nigeria.

The only way to liberate Nigeria is to get new-breed politicians into power through a democratic process. Let us begin that process today by learning what it takes to win elections. It is time to liberate Nigeria!


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