What is different about your new book?

Nigeria has a large percentage of young people, but there is consistent ignorance about election winning strategies and policies among majority of the educated ones. This is largely due to over-reliance on social media for knowledge and some arrogance that we don’t have much to learn from older people, history and in-depth study of local politics. By sharing facts, history and pragmatic solutions, I wish to galvanize new interests to participate in politics more competitively. The book is unique because unlike some similar books, the texts are very simple and easily comprehensible by regular people (Nigerians and non-Nigerians) with very little knowledge about Nigerian politics.  It is my dream to distribute millions of free copies to poor educated Nigerians, and I look forward to some future help in that regard.


What are your future political plans?

I have no intention to run for office and don’t wish to be known as a sensational blogger or fierce government critic.  I like to continue to provide pragmatic ideas from the sidelines but may accept opportunities in future that allow me to offer policy advice.


How can people buy your books?

It will be on amazon.com (US), amazon.co.uk (UK), amazon.ca (Canada) and delon.ng (Nigeria).  It will also be available on leading bookshops in Nigeria.  For people who cannot order from these media, they can email [email protected] and someone will help them process an order.